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Industrial Climate Engineering

Industrial Climate Engineering™ (ICE) is a newly formed division of Airxcel™, Inc. The ICE division designs industrial and specialty climate control systems from 6,000 BTUH to 360,000 BTUH’s.

Oil and gas exploration in the northern US, Canada and throughout the world and the expanding use of natural gas to generate electricity has created a growing use of electronic shelters (E-houses) in these industries. The HVAC products marketed and sold by ICE are highly engineered specialty units for use in these markets and similar applications. A wide range of options are required for our target markets including various corrosion protection packages, pressurization and operation in hazardous environments. Because of these requirements, Airxcel decided that we could best serve these markets by creating a separate division whose sole focus is on these markets and products.

The ECUA06, ECUA08, ECUA12 and ECUA18 and the 3, 4 & 5 ton counterflow wall mounts (ADPA36-48-60 models) are ICE products and are currently being shipped. The ECUA90 and ECUA120 (7½ and 10 ton units) are also in production. Larger capacities are being designed and tested will be introduced throughout 2015.

After Hours Warranty Service

Call 1-800-841-7854 ext. 123. Leave a voice mail message with the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. Your phone number and extension
  3. Model number of the ICE unit that requires service
  4. Serial number of the ICE unit that requires service
Your call will be returned promptly.

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Industrial Climate Engineering
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Cordele, GA 31015


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After Hours Warranty Service:

1-800-841-7854 ext. 123.
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