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Industrial Climate Engineering

ICExp is the Innovative HVAC Technology Leader in Hazardous Locations Protection and Safety.

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You wouldn’t rely on this outdated technology for communication.

So why would you still rely on this for Division 2 hazardous locations?

The old approach to HVAC Safety in hazardous locations was to contain standard components in a big, heavy and expensive enclosure. The ICExp solution by Industrial Climate Engineering is designed to prevent an explosion by only using the latest technology in non-arcing components installed in our smaller and lighter IECEx approved increased safety enclosure.

Using this new and innovative strategy allows a more integrated, compact and reliable installation. And at a lower cost than previously possible.

  • Increased Safety Certified by an internationally recognized leader in IECEx certification (pending)
    North America (NEC): Class I, Division 2 – Group B, C, D (12,000 - 72,000 BTUH available now, 90,000 - 240,000 BTUH available spring 2017)
    Europe (ATEX):
    Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC (In Design)
    Middle East: Class 1, Zone 2, Group IIC (In Design)
  • Available from 12,000 BTUH (3.5Kw) to 240,000 BTUH (70Kw)

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After Hours Warranty Service

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After Hours Warranty Service:

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